Saturday, 1 December 2012

More christmas

Trying the new blogger app as I had used my ipad for my last post but half of it was missing! Very annoying. I am not sure how to add pictures from here though as at the moment it is just shown at the bottom corner so no idea if it will be in the post. See in a minute. Previously I was saying about sweetwater at Their patterns and fabrics are just lovely, so please do check them out. They also have printed designs on iron on fabric to add to your projects, I bought some but I also bought some A4 printable fabric from to try my own designs, so ill let you know how we'll that goes. It just goes through an inkjet printer like normal paper, so I hope it turns out well. If there is a picture here? It's of a rag doll in a bassinet that I have made for my cousins daughter. The pattern for the doll is from the book wee wonderfuls by Hilary Lang and the bassinet is from a tutorial at
Back to more christmas sewing now, bought the new cath kidston book of christmas decorations.

Christmas is coming

Hi, here are some of the christmas projects I have been  working on. I made new stockings for my children, first appliqué a design they liked then arranging 2.5 inch squares around it. Two layers of 4 at top and 3 layers of 6 squares underneath. I then just free handed a stocking shape, cut out, layered with batting and lightly quilted. The back was just some charm squares sewn together and lightly quilted.i made it larger so it was easier to place the front right sides together, sewn then cut out. It is lined with plain fabric and binded around the top. It only took on charm pack to make the two stockings so I was very pleased. I also made the snowman table runner from a pattern by sweetwater. It can be found their blog at . It is the cutest thing ever. Their patterns and fabrics are the best

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

house quilt

finished putting my first batch of houses together. i think it makes a pretty cute quilt. i am busy piecing a new quilt top together and i still have 2 other quilts to actually quilt so i am a few weeks behind in building more houses,hope to cut out some more pieces over the weekend.

i am away back to looking over the simply charmed blog hop

as there are some really nice things i want to make, i am just waiting for my moda always and forever charm pack to come in the post, hopefully tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

more houses

i have completed 30 little houses and sat today and cut the fabric for the borders. i chose a red spot and a blue fabric and as you can see i have decided to mix them up rather than keeping them all the same. i am really pleased with the fabric choice, the colours work well together and i am already thinking about what else i can use them for. i have decided to use these first 30 houses and make a completed quilt, i will still make a house everyday but i think that throughout the year i will make a few smaller quilts rather than one large one.i am really keen to put the first one together to see how it looks, i hope to have something to show by next week. i may not have it quilted though as i am considering pieceing quilt tops first then doing the quilting when the weather gets better, so i can sit outside and finish them. i think this might work better for me so that i am not spending the spring/summer indoors at the machine but i will still have sewing to do.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

happy new year

hi, i have decided to take part in the building a house quilt by completing one block a day for 366 days! as you can see i have made a great start, 6 houses in 5 days, i am not sure how long i will keep this up. the house are fine to sew although a little wonky, but it took me 2 days of cutting fabric for about 2 weeks worth of houses. i did manage to get rid of a lot of scrap though so ill keep going for a while. if you are interested information on the project can be found at
good luck.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

dress a girl

hi, the last few months i have been busy making dresses for the dress a girl project,
it is a very worthwhile organisation and if you can sew then you should at least make a few, and if you cant then what a great project for beginners, pillowcase dresses are easy. give it a go.
even though it is an american website, they benefit the world.

I have been trying to get them noticed here in britain and managed to convince SEW HIP magazine to run a story which they have published this month ( April edition, check it out) so thank you to them for bringing this great story to all the british sewers where "every girl around the world will own at least one dress".

If anyone wants to help but can only manage a few you can send them to me and i will post them to america with my lot to save postage, also if anyone has any pillowcases that they could donate to me to make the dresses then i would be very grateful.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dress a girl

Happy New Year,
just a short post to tell everyone about a great cause called dress a girl.
find them here:
they need volunteers to sew simple pillowcase dresses to supply to girls all over the world.
please help