Friday, 26 February 2010

buttercup bag

I made this cute bag from a pattern i found at made by Rae,

it was really enjoyable to make and the pattern pieces fitted exactly which is actually a very rare find, this needed no adjustment at all. I made it from a fat quarter of Amy butler fabric and used a contrasting print for the lining. It is a bit smaller than i thought but ideal for when you do not need to carry a lot.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

penguin cross stitch

As i have said before my daughter loves penguins. Here is a new penguin cross stitch taken from the Bang on the door animal range of images, i thought it was so cute i just had to convert it for stitching. I am also loving the new windows 7 snipping tool it makes uploading images so much easier and quicker as before it took ages to convert the cross stitch file to a file that can be uploaded to blogger but now i just have choose the snipping tool and drag a box around the image. How great is that?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


here is a picture of what the back looks like.


picture 4
picture 3

picture 2

picture 1

1. Cut out all pieces. (picture 1)
2. Iron interfacing to large heart back.
Cut 2 slits on large heart back as shown on pattern for pin. (picture2)
3. Thread beads onto floss , i have used a small jump ring to hold the beads at the bottom, and sew onto back heart piece. (picture 3)
4. Blanket stitch around large hearts (both together) and the 2 small hearts, front and back together.
5. Attach the 2 small hearts to the large heart and add the pin to the back through the two small slits. (picture 4)


I have been making these felt heart brooches for my children to wear over the valentine season.

tutorial to follow.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Here are the pictures of the child's crayon bags I've been talking about. The tutorial was on Moda bakeshop a few weeks ago and i cant stop making them. AS you can see i have been adding stitching panels to them to make them a bit more personal but they are very useful bags indeed, i have also done a few non patchwork ones and they are just as nice, i will take pictures of these tomorrow.