Monday, 30 November 2009

Here is the finished wedding cross stitch, as yet i haven't ordered a frame for it but will soon. I have been very busy making christmassy things and i will take some photos to show later. Hopefully i will have time to create some tutorials too, or at least some patterns. I found some really cute lollipop decorations to make at at the fun to make holiday crafts section, very cute. Picture is shown above.

Monday, 23 November 2009


I had to do a stitching gift for a cousins wedding but didn't really have time with all the Christmas gifts i have to make. I therefore came up with this cross stitch based on a saying I've seen on a ring, i freehand wrote it on the cross stitch programme and really it shouldn't take more than a day to do.I will post the finished design when done, as yet i haven't even thought of which colours i will use.
Other than that weathers getting colder, nights are getting darker. OK for crafters (any excuse not to leave the house) but miserable for everyone else. Ben is coming home from school in the dark so isn't getting out to play, i quite like having everyone in together without the door constantly opening and closing. Yes winter is pleasant for now!

Monday, 16 November 2009

christmas moose?

Here is some pictures of my finished Christmas design. The outline was stitched using chain stitch and filled in with satin and some back stitch, all 2 strands of DMC cotton. I just made it up as i went along, colours used were dmc numbers 666 (red), 3813 (blue/grey), 973 (yellow), 3348 (green), 310 (black), s5200 (satin white). Satin white as that was all the white i had left!
Hope someone out there likes it enough to have a go at stitching it, it really is very easy. I am hoping to go out and find some snowflake buttons or sequins to sew on the background but as yet have not been able to get to the store, i will post a revised picture when i do.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Christmas is coming

I bought this christmas decoration and thought the image would make a great stitching project. Here is the stitchery pattern i have drawn up and i will publish the finished item when i am done. Thought it made a rather cute image.

Happy Birthday Ben

Ben is 8 Today, this was him still half asleep this morning. We woke him up to open his presents. We took him to the arcade today and had lunch at Frankie and Bennys, i am now having a little rest before the rest of the family start visiting tonight. It was a good day though, lots of new toys, battle strikers are a big hit but sore on the fingers if you happen to touch them while spinning!

Sunday, 8 November 2009