Sunday, 31 January 2010

more cross stitch

This is a cute pram cross stitch pattern. Stitch the outline then add your own choice of colour for either boy or girl. would look good on a card or cushion. I haven't even started my own version but will post a picture when finished.

ben 10

here is a simple black and white cross stitch outline of the BEN10 logo. There may be some grey tones in here but just stitch in black, much easier and will work better. I am creating some stitching projects to put on Easter gift bags, this would look good on coloured Aida or done with soluble canvas onto patterned fabric but do what you will. I will be putting it onto one of the crayon bags I've been making, i cant seem to make enough, they are very popular.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

sewing caddy

This is a little scissor keeper i made using instructions i came across on
It was so cute and didn't take long to make, i had to have one. The loop fits nicely over the lamp of my portable craft table so doesn't get lost. I have also been continuing my quest to stitch everything that is in the Quilt a gift book, i just love it.http://
There is something to make for everyone.
I have also been busy sewing the children's activity bag which was posted on Modabakeshop. I have started making them as Easter gifts for all the children i know. I haven't got round to taking pictures yet but i have changed the front panel to include a personalised stitching, i will try and post photos tomorrow. the original tutorial can be found at http://
In all a busy sewing month but with it being so cold outside my needle pricked fingers are very painful, lots of hand cream needed on my very cut fingers.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

We have a Pet

This is Biscuit our new dog we got for Christmas. Its very well behaved, doesn't need feeding, doesn't need walking and can be switched off when you have had enough of it. My ideal pet! It does sit up, lie down, gives a paw, begs, eats it bone and snores. It just sits in the corner and makes noise when it wants attention, it really is quite funny.

Happy New Year

Happy New year, as you can see it has been very snowy over the last two weeks. Schools closed early for Christmas, we couldn't get the car out of the drive and we nearly couldn't get to the shops to buy Christmas dinner. It was the most snow we have had in years, so lots of sledging and making snowmen but not much else. Christmas was good, lots of presents and lots of crafting. I got a new book, Quilt a gift by Barri sue Gaudet , i highly recommend it, i have completed five projects already. School returns on Tuesday and cara starts nursery for the first time on thursday, so we have a very busy week, hopefully she will like it there and we will have no dramas, she tends to only do what she wants!