Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas is coming

Hi, here are some of the christmas projects I have been  working on. I made new stockings for my children, first appliqué a design they liked then arranging 2.5 inch squares around it. Two layers of 4 at top and 3 layers of 6 squares underneath. I then just free handed a stocking shape, cut out, layered with batting and lightly quilted. The back was just some charm squares sewn together and lightly quilted.i made it larger so it was easier to place the front right sides together, sewn then cut out. It is lined with plain fabric and binded around the top. It only took on charm pack to make the two stockings so I was very pleased. I also made the snowman table runner from a pattern by sweetwater. It can be found their blog at . It is the cutest thing ever. Their patterns and fabrics are the best

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