Tuesday, 3 May 2011

dress a girl

hi, the last few months i have been busy making dresses for the dress a girl project, http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com/
it is a very worthwhile organisation and if you can sew then you should at least make a few, and if you cant then what a great project for beginners, pillowcase dresses are easy. give it a go.
even though it is an american website, they benefit the world.

I have been trying to get them noticed here in britain and managed to convince SEW HIP magazine to run a story which they have published this month ( April edition, check it out) so thank you to them for bringing this great story to all the british sewers where "every girl around the world will own at least one dress".

If anyone wants to help but can only manage a few you can send them to me and i will post them to america with my lot to save postage, also if anyone has any pillowcases that they could donate to me to make the dresses then i would be very grateful.


  1. Hi Margo, Am following you now! Well done for getting the article into Sew Hip magazine. Thats fab! It really inspired me to get involved and I have managed to get a few other bloggers involved now too. I think you left me a comment on the website today but for some reason it isn't showing and the email I got only has the beginning bit of the message. Could you email me through my blog maybe as I think you were about to give me really good advice re postage! Also if you have any photos of the dresses you have made, I would love to do a post about you and the dresses you have already sent maybe?
    Best wishes

    Louise (Sew Scrumptious)