Monday, 16 November 2009

christmas moose?

Here is some pictures of my finished Christmas design. The outline was stitched using chain stitch and filled in with satin and some back stitch, all 2 strands of DMC cotton. I just made it up as i went along, colours used were dmc numbers 666 (red), 3813 (blue/grey), 973 (yellow), 3348 (green), 310 (black), s5200 (satin white). Satin white as that was all the white i had left!
Hope someone out there likes it enough to have a go at stitching it, it really is very easy. I am hoping to go out and find some snowflake buttons or sequins to sew on the background but as yet have not been able to get to the store, i will post a revised picture when i do.

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