Wednesday, 21 October 2009


We are all off to Alton towers theme park for a few days to start the Halloween celebrations.

We went last year and it was just a different experience to go on the rides in the dark. The park is nicely decorated and the rides are all changed to include a Halloween theme. My son Ben who is 7 liked the ghost train which was adapted to include real people, he was also a bit scared. He also liked all the light sabres and glow products which were for sale to light up the park at night, in all a very enjoyable day. I hope this year is just as good and at least dry, wet weather is forecast for Thursday and Saturday but Friday looks fine. I also hope to find some craft stores as i would like so new fabric, MO DA looks really good at the moment and i really like their peppermint swirl pincushion, i hope to make it this weekend.

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